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About Daniel F. Pruet, Attorney At Law, LLC

A Criminal Defense Attorney Who Understands The Opposition

Being charged with a crime is stressful and frightening. Even “minor crimes” can have significant consequences. I have spent most of my career working in criminal law as both a prosecutor and a defense attorney. From picking the right jury to effectively cross examining witnesses, I have the courtroom experience necessary to ensure that your rights are protected. If a case goes to trial, you can rest assured knowing that you are represented by an attorney who knows the rules of evidence and procedure and who understands how to formulate a strategy that will help get the results you need. While I know how to try a case, I have learned that not all cases need to go to trial. Having an attorney who has years of experience in negotiating with attorneys and judges is an invaluable asset. I know the people working in the system and I know what to ask for. I have spent years negotiating with other attorneys and the lessons learned in those negotiations have helped me be able to better serve my clients. Let me help you.

Daniel F. Pruet

My name is Daniel Pruet and I am attorney based in Tuscaloosa, AL. Though I was raised in Tuscaloosa, I have lived all over the country. I obtained my undergraduate degree from the University of Alabama and obtained my Juris Doctor from Thomas Goode Jones School of Law in 2005. In addition to graduating first in my class, I won multiple trial competitions and competed against other law students from across the country.

Valuable Insight Into The Appellate System

After graduating from law school, I worked as an appellate law clerk for the Honorable William C. Thompson, Presiding Judge, at the Alabama Court of Civil Appeals. Working for the Court allowed me to hone my research skills and, most importantly, gain a better understanding of the “big picture” in regard to how the appellate system works. This insight has helped me better serve my clients by allowing me to understand the importance of preserving objections for the record in order to ensure that my clients do not win at trial only to lose on appeal because something was not done correctly. My time working in the appellate system has made me a better litigator because I have experience in both levels of Alabama’s legal system – the trial level and the appellate level.

An Experienced Negotiator & Trial Attorney

In 2006, I returned to Tuscaloosa to work at the Tuscaloosa County District Attorney’s Office. In my five years at the DA’s Office, I tried approximately 30 cases to a jury verdict and I managed a case load of approximately 800 cases. I prosecuted misdemeanors such as domestic violence and DUI, and I spent one year prosecuting nothing but drug cases. For almost three years, I served as one of four attorneys assigned to the Violent Crimes Unit. During my time with the Violent Crimes Unit, I prosecuted all types of violent felonies, from rape to capital murder.

My time at the District Attorney’s office has helped me in several ways. First, it gave me the opportunity to learn how to try a case. Simply put, I know my way around a courtroom. My time at the DA’s Office also enabled me to hone my negotiating skills because I had the opportunity to work with attorneys and judges on hundreds of cases. Working at the DA’s Office also allowed me to develop personal relationships with prosecutors, private attorneys, judges, and police officers. Knowing the people working in the legal system helps me help my clients because I know how the people have handled situations in the past, thereby reducing the guesswork inherent in any litigious situation.

A Personalized Approach To Each Case

In 2011, I opened my own firm with the desire to focus solely on litigation in a setting that allows me to provide sound counsel and individualized representation to my clients. To achieve that goal, I keep a relatively low number of active cases so that I can better serve my clients by having the time to meet with them and understand their unique situation. My diverse background, coupled with hard work and a desire to focus only on litigation has enabled me to serve my clients well. When not practicing law, I enjoy working on my family’s farm, coaching youth baseball, and traveling. I am a deacon at Trinity Presbyterian Church, PCA. I am married to Caryn Pruet, and we have three wonderful children.


  • Alabama Criminal Defense Lawyers Association
  • Alabama State Bar Association
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